Acoustical Design  delivers its products in many sectors such as building sound proof booths and chambers for the medical industry as well as Recording Studio's for the entertainment industry; manufacturing acoustic sound panels for restaurants, cafés and community centres; as well as providing domestic and commercial noise audits and reports, including the new green star rating. 

As well as providing comprehensive acoustical consulting services, Acoustical Design offers a wide array of acoustical insulation products such as acoustic foam, acoustic panels, sound proof rooms, recording studios, micro booths, mini booths, voice over booths, anechoic chambers, audiometric rooms, echo panels, sound panels, and reverberation panels.

Acoustic Panels are used to enhance not only the acoustic quality but also the visual appearance of a building. There are three kinds of acoustic panels: Super Sound Panel is mainly used for reducing the reverberation within a high and mid frequency noise environment; Super Sound Panel LF can reduce the reverberation within low frequency noise environment, and Super Sound Panel IS is chiefly used where reverberation control and sound isolation is required. Acoustic foam panels are available in Convoluted, Sonex or Flat Sheet, and they are used to optimise the acoustic ambience for your premises.