Vibration damping plates from Acoustica are constructed of a captive viscoelastic damping membrane. This membrane is sandwiched between two layers of marine ply. The damping plate is bonded to a resilient, double punched, high density sound absorber which is contained within two layers of resilient decoupler.

The vibration damping plates have been designed to work when the viscoelastic membrane is stressed both in compression and in shear. When the vibrations arrive at the mounting in two planes at right angles to the longitudinal and vertical axis they are absorbed by the membrane.

These plates are effective in stoping noise by damping as well as treating the secondary generated structural vibrations. They are simple to install and are fire rated to Australian and international standards.

Vibration damping plates can be used as an anti-vibration mounting plate for marine generators. They can also absorb vibration occurring in other vehicles and in factories and other buildings subjected to noise and vibration by industrial and process machinery.