Acoustica has developed a new wall system (patent pending) – the only wall system of its kind – to successfully sound proof your building without taking up excess space.

The Acoustiflex Wall System has been examined under the ‘Acoustic Performance Index’ and its rating is extremely high. ‘Acoustic Performance Index’ takes into account the cost of the wall compared to its acoustic performance, the thickness of the wall and the floor-space cost.

Acoustica says Acoustiflex Wall System is the only system of its kind to achieve such a high rating for such a thin wall. It is only 148mm wide and has an acoustic performance that can be matched only by wall systems a great deal thicker (250-300mm).

Acoustiflex dampens any vibration generated in the plasterboard, resulting in a greatly reduced ‘knocking’ effect. The wall feels solid and of good quality construction. The Acoustiflex Wall System utilises very little material, with only 2x13mm standard plasterboard on standard studs. It is 50-70 per cent cheaper to build than any other wall with the same acoustic properties.