Available now from Acoustica , Sonex Anechoic Wedge sound absorber is a sound apsorption foam for use in sound and broadcast studios, community facilities, and commercial buildings.

Sonex Anechoic Wedge sound absorber features a contoured profile to trap airborne noise and dissipate it by absorbing the kinetic energy created by sound waves. The wedge shape allows this sound absorption foam a surface area up to four times that of a flat surface, promoting noise collection from all angles, as well as deflection and direction of noise deep into the acoustic foam.

Sonex Anechoic Wedge sound absorption foam is available in a variety of thicknesses, from 25mm to 150mm. Thickness is a critical measure of a sound absorption foam as the thicker the material the better it controls low frequency noise. Most absorbers are capable of handling noise above 500 Hertz easily, however many acoustic problems occur at frequencies below 500 Hz. Sonex Anechoic Wedge comes in such a variety of thicknesses to match the frequency of particular noise sources.

Available in sheets and tiles, Sonex Anechoic Wedge sound absorption foam can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or separate backing materials. It is available in both flame-retardant urethane and fire rated melamine versions.

Typical applications for Sonex Anechoic Wedge sound absorption foam include:

  • industrial noise control
  • commercial and home audio studios
  • community and entertainment facilities
  • houses of worship; and
  • industrial workshops.