Available now from Acoustica, Quietspace is a lightweight acoustic foam sound absorber that offers sound reverberation control, even in large open areas.

Quietspace foam sound absorber is easily installed without the need for frames or facing and offers typical overall noise reduction of up to 10-12dB, which translates to an approximate noise reduction level of 50%.

Quietspace HD 12 foam sound absorber is designed to combat noise in the medium to high frequency region. Whether the sound is caused by traffic, music, or is a result of industrial work Quietspace HD 12 is the ideal solution to removing the resulting structural vibration, rattling, and stress.

Unaffected by water, Quietspace foam sound absorber is ideal for use in community swimming pools and sports areas. In fact, it has proven such a success that Acoustica now offer the Quietspace Dolphin range, an ideal architectural complement for indoor swimming pools. Available in blue in the shape of a dolphin, Quietspace Dolphin is 50mm thick, 1350mm long and weighs just 500g. It has a partially melted skin to prevent migration of fibres and an absorption performance of 0.8.

Quietspace foam sound absorber is lightweight and can be safely hung from the roof or a ceiling structure. It is ideal for the following applications:

  • outdoor
  • air-conditioning units
  • community facilities
  • factories
  • machine shops
  • plant rooms
  • workstations.