High density white acoustic batts from Acoustica have a number of practical applications. These include:

  • Reducing reverberated sound, impact noise and noise transmission between rooms, mid-floor cavities and external sources
  • Lagging of industrial equipment and air conditioning ducts
  • Storage tanks
  • Process equipment
  • Appliance cabinets
  • Plant rooms
  • Acoustic baffles
These high density batts are manufactured from non-irritant polyester. This material is dust free and will not cause any irritations to skin or other areas. The batts do not deteriorate over time and are mould, mildew, rot, vermin and insect resistant.

The acoustic batts also have a 4 zero fire rating and conform to the Building Code of Australia. They are available for purchase in weights from 22 to 48 kg and thicknesses of 25 mm to 100 mm. The width of these batts ranges from 430 to 1200 mm.