Acoustica offers personalised interior designs with their ALYOS interior design systems services. 

Customers can choose to decorate their interior with a personal picture, artwork or photo mural, which can be applied on walls and ceilings in all shapes and any size up to 5m wide, 50m long and without  a seam.

The interior design solutions can be used for a range of projects including building refurbishments, hospitality establishments, entertainment and conference centres, shopping malls, education facilities and indoor swimming pools and bathrooms.

ALYOS interior systems offers a wide range of images as well as a team of consultants and graphic designers that can provide the right support for custom designed projects.

The ALYOS interior design solutions use a polyester fabric coated with polyurethane, which is then inserted into a PVC profile to enable a perfect fit to any architectural shape.

The interior design system is an aesthetically ideal method of concealing damage, cracked or stained ceilings and walls; hide beams, visible cables and piping. The interior design solutions are odourless and complies with BCA requirements.

The ALYOS interior design system, available from Acoustica, is a personalised service that allows customers to easily create a large scale picture, artwork or photo mural for their walls or ceilings.

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