After receiving a number of business awards for product innovation over recent years, Acoustica were invited to submit their new invention of QuietWave CMT FR to the panel of New Inventors.

This culminated in winning that particular episode of New Inventors and that episode's People's Choice Award. The development of QuietWave has earned a place in the top five inventions for the 'New Inventors' Grand Final of 2008.

Acoustica, with QuietWave CMT FR, were also winners in the Engineers Australia 'Small Business Ventures Excellence Award' and finalists in the 'Innovations & Inventions Award'.

Acoustica's QuietWave CMT FR demonstrates the use of an entirely organic visco-elastic membrane within an acoustic building material that is both fire and termite resistant and much cheaper to make than oil-based alternatives.

Acoustica make a constrained layer system using an oil-based membrane (also called QuietWave) but are now entirely focused on getting their organic alternative off the ground. Philippe Doneux's invention has achieved high rating for acoustic building material.

The problem QuietWave addresses is very significant. As people are encouraged to live closer and closer together in higher and higher density developments, the more their sounds are inflicted upon one another. Noise pollution can be a serious problem with profound consequences. While long-term exposure to loud noises can lead to hearing loss, a recent report from the WHO suggested that there were other health risks associated with noisy environments.