Having teamed up with the Swiss based company N’ H Akustik + Design AG, Acoustic Vision  have developed a superb, patented range of acoustic treatments in the form of Topakustik and Topperfo panels and planks which are available in a vast range of styles and colours.

Topakustik and Topperfo products from Acoustic Vision are manufactured from a medium density fibreboard (MDF). As a result of its homogeneous structure, MDF is well suited for acoustic dampening applications. Only panels meeting the international emission values E1 standards are processed.  Panels are also available in No Added Formaldehyde and FSC Certification upon customer request.

Whilst Topakustik and Topperfo panels and planks can be used for any interior, they are particularly ideal for public spaces such as:
court Houses, hospitals, pools, churches, schools, auditoria, and offices.

Other speciality core panels are available from Acoustic Vision that can be classified according to requirements with regard to:

  • Behaviour in Fire
  • Appearance such as special surface or panel design
  • Special properties with regard to stability or moisture