Aconex has released its latest information product for the property and construction industry, an online ‘work flow engine’ which it developed with help from Telstra’s Broadband fund.

The collaboration system effectively streamlines the standard document approval process, which has been identified as a point of time wastage by clients such as Grocon on their Eureka Towers development in Melbourne.

“The workflow system dramatically reduces the time it takes for project participants such as architects and engineers to receive, approve and distribute drawings,” says Leigh Jasper, managing director of Aconex. “Companies can then deliver projects earlier and avoid delays waiting for drawing approvals.”

The new product promotes efficient use of bandwidth as all documents - including large files such as plans, drawings and 3D models - are stored in a central system and viewed on screens rather than downloaded by each user. The workflow engine complements the Aconex information control and tracking system, which produces a complete, searchable documentation record throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. This efficient storage method streamlines the sharing of documents and reduces the risk of documents being lost or incorrectly distributed.

Source: Building Products News.