Aconex , providers of construction collaboration technology, will assist the Sustainable Environment Foundation’s creation of its ‘green paper’.

The 'green paper', a private sector charitable initiative, will examine how the construction industry can minimise its impact on climate change and aims to assist government in the achievement of the Thames Gateway’s EcoRegion status.

The web-based Aconex system will be used to manage all information relating to the ‘green paper’ and will provide a central platform for the Sustainable Environment Foundation’s members to communicate.

By managing information electronically in a collaborative environment, Aconex will reduce the waste, courier usage and storage space associated with paper documents.

Members of the Sustainable Environment Foundation ‘green paper’ work group include industry innovators such as BioRegional Quintain, Savills, Lend Lease, Buro Happold, and Greenpeace. They are expected to submit the ‘green paper’ to government within the next 12 months.

Adrian Wyatt, CEO of Quintain Estates & Developments and Founder of the charity the Sustainable Environment Foundation, said: “We are delighted that Aconex are assisting us in this venture. Their system will enable the speedy and accurate dissemination of information across our group, in an environmentally sustainable fashion. The task we have set ourselves is a complex one and we are sure this is the right tool for the job.”

Yuval Attias, Aconex Regional Manager Europe, said: “The urbanisation of our cities and towns has made a significant contribution to climate change and so we look forward to playing our part in finding adequate solutions to sustainable construction practices.”

“Paper waste is just one of many areas that our industry can cut down on and collaboration tools, such as Aconex, are a proven way of achieving this.”

Attias added: “For example, even in creating the Green Paper, hundreds of documents will need to be exchanged between the Sustainable Environment Foundation’s members. Using Aconex will streamline the sharing of information and reduce the need for paper documents.”