TraffikDrain grated trench drains from ACO Polycrete are made from heavy duty polymer concrete and are ideal for use on roads and motorways to enhance the safety of both motorists and pedestrians.

The grated trench drains have a cast in ductile iron wearing rail that is capable of supporting traffic that weighs of up to 13 tonnes.

Users can choose from two grates depending on their purpose. HiFlo grates drain water from road surfaces, which is of immense benefit to motorists.

On the other hand, Heelsafe grates ensure total pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Furthermore, the grated trench drains are fixed with the boltless PowerLok locking system for easy maintenance access.

Both grated trench drains are 40-tonne rated and AS 3996 bicycle wheel compliant in both directions.

The grated trench drains are equipped with a ductile iron edge rail, which is fitted with shock-absorbing widgets with stainless steel threads to reduce noise.

Anti-shunt recesses on the grated trench drains slot in to the edge rail to prevent longitudinal movement and further improve safety.