ACO Polycrete  is currently exhibiting their Showerdrain Lightline at Melbourne’s Designex. They can be found at stand 123.

These LED lights, purpose-built to suit ACO’s ShowerDrain, provide illumination during showers and for several minutes afterwards.

ShowerDrain is a discrete stainless steel drainage trough and grate system that is easily secured into the topping screed and is ideal for existing (retrofit) or new bathrooms. LED lighting is optional and can be adapted to all of ACO’s popular grates.

The LED units are available in blue, red, green and rainbow colours. They are durable, compact, waterproof and do not require any electrical wiring. LED units are easily removable for recharging (approximately every 3 months).

The ShowerDrain range conforms to WaterMark and is available with a broad selection of durable stainless steel grates, including Linéaire. This grate is a unique patented Australian-made product designed with anti-slip features to ensure surfaces are safe to walk on when wet.


  • Available in blue, red, green and rainbow colours 
  • Waterproof 
  • Seven grate options including anti slip and discrete tile insert 
  • Conforms to WaterMark 
  • Wireless 
  • Easily removable for recharging 
  • Available in standard or custom made designs