ACO Polycrete  offers one of the widest and most comprehensive ranges of access covers and frame systems.  

Delivered by the Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (TIDC), the Epping to Chatswood Rail Line (ECRL) is a railway line in the northern suburbs of Sydney, connecting Epping on the Northern line to Chatswood on the North Shore line.  

The 13km line is built completely underground and includes three new stations: North Ryde, Macquarie Park and Macquarie University.  

The junction stations at Epping and Chatswood both underwent major redevelopments to incorporate the new link.  

Along all the stations’ platforms and walkways, designers specified ACO’s RHINOCAST access covers above the enclosures to house and protect the stations’ data transmission cables.  

Recessed access covers in various sizes with stainless steel edging were used to provide accessibility for maintenance whilst preserving the visual continuity of the walking service.  

ACO offers a wide range of cover and frame systems including ductile iron access covers, galvanised steel access covers and composite access covers in all sizes and configurations.  

The product range includes WSAA approved circular covers as well as multipart systems and solutions for grease traps, motor rooms and fire rating applications.