ACO Polycrete  presents the innovative range of shower grates in the QuARTz by ACO product line.

QuARTz by ACO offers unique grate designs for floor wastes and shower channels to provide a coordinated effect in the bathroom. In addition to the high quality of design, materials and finish, the shower grates also deliver ease of handling and installation as key advantages.

Combining high functionality with aesthetics, the QuARTz by ACO ShowerChannel and ShowerPoint models incorporate illumination with QuARTz by ACO light kits at the point of water exit.

QuARTz by ACO ShowerChannel and ShowerPoint grates come in a wide range of colours as well as with an accessory that lights up the body of the drain to create a relaxing and opulent ambience in the bathroom. The LED light units fit neatly into the base of ShowerChannel or the body of ShowerPoint with the lighting activated by water flow. 

Key features of ShowerChannel shower grates:

  • Channel is built with a ‘V’ shaped profile to aid the flow of water to the outlet
  • Prevents ponding and consequent odours that can occur in flat profile designs
  • Plastic levelling feet designed to be easily cut to size based on the depth of the screed for easy installation
  • LED lights fit into the base of the channel
An optional anti-slip rated grate, Linéaire in the QuARTz by ACO range is designed to meet Class B AS/NZS 4586, and is suitable for areas requiring additional slip resistance. Manufactured from stainless steel with raised mechanical nodes, Linéaire also offers extremely high water intake for installations that require additional drainage capacity.