ACO Polycrete  offers the QuARTz by ACO range of shower drainage solutions.

Based on award-winning designs, QuARTz by ACO products such as ShowerChannel, ShowerPoint and CentrePoint shower grates allow for flexibility of selection by designers and customers in Australia.

The new QuARTz by ACO website features comprehensive product information, including 26 installation scenarios and 20 specification aids for each grate design. These specification tools have been constructed for QuARTz by ACO shower grates in conjunction with an industry leading waterproofing expert.

The ACO Group operates an extensive distribution network in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, delivering high quality customer service throughout the region. Established in 1946, the ACO Group caters to the construction industry with a range of bathroom drainage solutions, all supplied with minimal lead times to facilitate tight timelines.

The group operates globally through its subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities in over 28 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.