ACO Polycrete  introduces the patented PowerLok lid, which has been designed to complement ACO’s wide range of Polycrete and plastic pits.  

The PowerLok pit locking system is a new innovation that has enabled ACO to launch the industry’s first universal cable enclosure designed with a choice of standard or high levels of security.  

PowerLok cable pit lids can be locked without requiring a protruding locking bar encroaching into the pit space unlike conventional industry pits.  

Globally, there have been documented cases where cable faults have caused pit structures or lids to become live. To prevent this occurrence, the PowerLok lid is purpose designed to ensure metal components within the enclosure are positioned well away from cables running through the pit.  

The PowerLok lid is fastened to the pit structure through a bracket. A low level of security is achieved by simply closing the spring metal hatch and sliding the grey clip mechanism shut to engage the bracket. This is commonly suitable for general cabling applications.  

For a more secure locking, a bolt may be used to fasten the lid to the bracket through a metal chamber. For very sensitive areas such as prisons and military bases, a security bolt or padlock may be used in the chamber offering a higher level of security.  

The hatch also conceals the lifting hole so that the enclosure conforms to IP2XD- AS 60529 for a specified clearance above the cables. Company logos or other inscriptions can also be cast into metal spring hatches for easy identification.  

OH&S considerations are also incorporated in the design. These include:

  • Maintenance crews have quick and safe access to cables without fiddling with cumbersome locking bars, fiddly bolts and other loose parts
  • Lids do not exceed 25kg and are slip rated to R10 - AS/NZS 4586
  • A red marker (noticeable only if the sliding clip is unlocked) will save workers from bending over to check whether lids are locked during routine inspections