ACO Polycrete  offers a range of modular surface ducting channels made from durable polymer concrete.  

For the first time in many years, the Royal Adelaide Showground underwent a significant redevelopment. Within its precincts, the Goyder and Jubilee Pavilions are home of the annual Glendi festival, an annual weekend long festival that celebrates Greek culture in Australia.  

The pavilions’ upgrade and their adjoining areas were recently classified by the State Government of South Australia as having ‘Major Project Status’, as it would attract more visitors and patrons overtime to its major events.  

The design brief required that the pavement withstand unprecedented traffic loads during its design life as large mining and construction equipment would be required for exhibitions as well as large transportable show rides during festivities.  

In addition, the area also required extensive power supply infrastructure to these facilities and ease of accessibility to cables for maintenance operations without compromising the security or safety of maintenance crews and the general public.  

Designers specified ACO’s CS100 Ducting, a system of metre-length modular surface ducting channels manufactured from durable polymer concrete. The channels in the surface ducting system are assembled in line to produce continuous runs and their profiled side walls provide structural rigidity as well as anchorage to the surrounding pavement.  

The surface ducting system’s OH&S friendly ductile iron lids are load rated to Class G900 AS3996 and have anti-slip features. Each 500mm long section of the surface ducting system is secured to the channel by four high tensile steel bolts, incorporating friction grip washers to deter bolts from working loose during service.  

When the lids are removed, specialised crews would have uninterrupted access to the cables for ease of maintenance.