In 2005, the QLD Government released its South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan for the upgrade of the remaining sections of Bribie Island Road from Aerodrome Road to the existing four-lane section, east of Saint Road.

The implementation programme covers the period 2009-10 to 2014-15. The first stage of this upgrade was the Bribie Island Road and Bestmann Road Interchange.

Bribie Island Road is a major arterial road, connecting the Bruce Highway at Caboolture with Bribie Island. The island is experiencing significant growth in tourism and commercial/residential development, thereby resulting in heavy traffic on this key route.

The upgrade will allow safer, free-flowing traffic along Bribie Island Road, while improving its flood immunity. The project is carefully designed to minimise the impact on existing properties along the road such as the one adjacent to Bestmann Road.

At this intersection, the road alignment passes through flat terrain, where over 250 metres of PowerDrain (200mm wide) trench drain was installed to provide continuous surface drainage along its length. This is critical for eliminating potential aquaplaning at the elevated section.

PowerDrain, manufactured in Australia by ACO Polycrete , comprises durable heavy duty polymer concrete modular drainage channels.

To ensure optimum hydraulic efficiency for this project, the precast channels were assembled to produce sloped runs, allowing fall in the flat sections of Bribie Island Road.

PowerDrain also provides high security locking with the patented PowerLok locking system, enabling quick and effortless fitting and removal of grates to facilitate road maintenance operations.

The PowerDrain system is also designed with anti shunt lugs and shock absorbing features to hold the grates in place while providing restraint from longitudinal wheel movement and general traffic vibration.

The additional heavy duty grates are ideal for the repetitive nature of the carriageway traffic. In the pedestrian access sections of the carriageway, AS1428.2-1992 compliant grates were selected for safety of pedestrian passage.

ACO Polycrete conducted a hydraulic analysis with RoadTek Consulting using its purpose built hydraulic programme hydro to determine the correct sizing and configuration of the trench drainage system.

ACO Polycrete has an established Technical Services Department with many years experience advising on surface drainage.

This free service is offered with no obligation and is supported with extensive, high quality information, brochures and technical documentation.