ACO Polycrete  offers the ACCTRIX programme that has been developed to enable engineers and contractors design their own multipart or trench run system.  

Maintenance (or access) holes and cable trunking runs are closed with access covers arranged in a multipart or trench run configuration.  

These enclosures are large reinforced concrete structures, sized according to the cable arrangement and may also be used to house equipment or cater for the co-existence of other services or utilities.  

The ACCTRIX programme user will be given options for five systems based on the enclosure’s size and load class requirements. These may vary in configuration and individual cover lifting weight criteria driven by OH&S considerations.  

Finally, once a preference is made, a drawing is generated for specification purposes and for submission to ACO for quotation.  

The website also provides useful information to assist specifiers in the selection of correct access cover solutions for project applications so that potential problems such as failures during service are eliminated. To further assist installers, an audio visual installation tutorial is also accessible online.