ACO Polycrete ’s grease separators are generally found in buildings or on marine vessels. However, ACO Polycrete recently sold its first unit on an offshore platform which was recently commissioned for natural gas production.

The platform belongs to the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (JDA). This is a zone in the Gulf of Thailand that has been designated for use by both countries where energy resources are to be shared equally.

The Hydrojet OS grease separa¬tor from ACO was installed in the food preparation area in JDA block B-17 that supports 140 working staff with 3 meals a day. The unit was sized by planners in accordance with the European Stan¬dard, EN 1825.

The current trend to be green is increasingly important in waste management, especially when recycling fat, oil and grease (FOGs) which are used in food processing. Furthermore, proper waste treatment helps to prevent pipe blockages and the unlawful disposal of untreated wastewater.

The Hydrojet range of grease separators can be supplied in a number of sizes (capacities) and offers an advanced cleaning capability for hassle and odour-free results. Each grease separator unit is supplied with an integrated sludge trap which can be cleaned out easily by a disposal truck.

All ACO’s grease separators have a certified life span of 25 years and are manufactured to EN 1825.