The stainless steel channels and grate systems from ACO Polycrete have been part of Coles’ brief since 2007. 

ACO’s Modular 100 drainage channel system, complete with strainer baskets were recently installed at the new Coles Supermarket, Lithgow to provide the client with a hygienic solution. This is typically required for washdown areas such as the delicatessen and bakery. 

ACO’s Heelsafe anti-slip grates also provided slip resistance ensuring the safety of Coles’ employees. 

Designers also specified special edging to perform specific functions including the vinyl edge seal for a watertight joint between the channel’s edge and the vinyl floor, and a reinforced solid edge for protection against trolley jacks in the cool rooms and meat preparation areas. 

Products specified for Coles’ new Lithgow store included ACO Modular 100 with Stainless Wedgewire Heelsafe anti-slip grates and Modular 100 with Composite Slotted Heelsafe antislip grates.