European-style half-round and round-line guttering manufactured from Colorbond steel is now available from rainwater goods manufacturer, Ace Gutters.

The half-round and round-line gutter profiles are available in a the full range of Colorbond steel colours to match or contrast with a wide range of roofing colours. Ace Gutters has developed a complete range of accessories including die cast brackets and angles, astragals and nozzles to fit all Ace Gutters round guttering and downpipe systems. Downpipe offsets completely eliminate any need to cut difficult mitre angles in round downpipe.

Ace Gutters’ marketing manager Ken Stubbs says the new system will be popular for both traditional and contemporary homes. “Half-round guttering and round downpipes feature on some of Australia’s earliest colonial architecture and there is now a strong demand for these styles from architects and homeowners,” he says. “The half round gutters carry more water than conventional gutters used on most Australian homes and the cylindrical design also has a useful self-cleaning feature because the water flow is concentrated over a smaller surface area.

“Even with small water flows the speed of the water through the gutter is greater than that generated by a conventional gutter which helps to clear small debris and silt more quickly and efficiently than conventional designs.”

A feature of all Ace Gutters’ guttering and downpipes is their availability in a high-gloss Colorbond steel finish. The high gloss formulation helps the gutters and downpipes retain their new appearance longer.

Source: Building Products News.