The commercial storage facilities available from Access Self Storage are a safe, cost effective way to expand business space without necessarily expanding the actual premises.

Commercial self storage is flexible and allows businesses to increase or decrease the amount of space to suit their specific requirements.

The consultants at Access Self Storage are trained to assist customers when selecting the type of commercial storage space that best suits their needs. Efficiently packed small spaces will cost less than larger spaces. If the space is to be used regularly, a larger, well organised space may be more convenient. Many commercial self storage facilities are also available to make modifications to meet customers’ requirements while others offer additional services to help their business clients.

Other benefits of the commercial storage facilities available from Access Self Storage include:

  • Access is convenient and easy
  • No appointment is needed for access
  • Total control over who is allowed to access the space
  • Businesses of all types, sizes and maturity can benefit by using self storage spaces
  • Expanding businesses may be limited by lack of appropriate in-house storage space
  • Businesses can select the amount of space needed and the length of time stored
  • Almost anything can be stored and organised for use in self storage.