Access Australia  specialises in offering commercial floor covering products and access flooring. Access Australia maintains good relationship with the clients, customers and manufacturers and provides range of flooring products to commercial sectors. The range of products from Access Australia includes access floors, carpet, mats, carpet tiles, vinyl, underlay and other accessories.

Access floors from Access Australia provide clean areas, building space and are designed in simple manner. Access Australia offers access floors manufactured by Crosstrack and Tasman Access Floors. Access floors from Access Australia manufactured by Tasman Access Floors are installed for various applications such as communication rooms, call centres, data rooms, television studios, computer rooms, banks and recordings. Access flooring solutions from Crosstrack is efficient, effective and low in height.

Access Australia offers floor boxes for access floors. CMS Eletracom manufactures the floor boxes for access floors from Access Australia. CMS Eletracom floor boxes for access floor supplied by Access Australia includes cablelink 1, stainless steel boxes, Gnome boxes, floor grommets. These floor boxes are ideal for various applications like data, power, telephone, audio distribution in all kinds of floors such as access floors, concrete and timber floors.