Danish tapware manufacturer Borma and Jado of Germany have merged their production and marketing operations and are marketing their products worldwide as Jado.

Accent International  is the Australian import agent for Jado.

Accent has also been the import agent for Borma for over eight years and has an established distribution network for kitchen, laundry and bathroom tapware and accessories across Australia through high quality showrooms.

The Jado brand is strong in Europe and North America in the high end of the market. Merger of the two brands has expanded the tapware and accessories product range in the design models and introduced quality traditional tapware and accessories to the Australian market.

All existing Borma and Intamix Borma tapware and accessories are being progressively rebranded as Jado.

Jado has specialist casting facilities in Germany, which allow it to produce high quality design products. Scandinavian design influence continues with work by Christian Bjorn Ad van Berle and Friis and Moltke Design.

Accent carries five Jado tapware ranges in stock for your bathroom or kitchen fit out - Cubic, Geometrie, Glance, IQ and Lighthouse.