Designed and manufactured to control harmful UV rays and glare, Accent Blinds ' folding arm awnings provide a roll away cover for outdoor entertainment areas.

Whether that area be a patio, deck, or balcony, Accent Blinds' folding arm awnings provide complete freedom to create an outdoor room with protection from the sun and light rain.

These folding arm awnings are mounted onto the outside wall of the home and can be hand operated, motorised, or controlled within the home, depending on the awning type. If there is not enough wall support, the expert Accent Blinds team may be able to recommend alternatives, such as using brackets to install from roof rafters.

As the folding arms are extended, the canvas rolls out in one smooth operation, and when extended the awning has no posts or beams meaning guests are free to walk around and it is safe from little hands. Once folded, the awning structure tucks neatly away allowing the warm, winter light into the home.