ACADS-BSG  provides software support and development services for building service designers. ACADS-BSG also provides computer tools to building services professionals in designing and checking building services like air-conditioning, fire services and electrical items. These computer tools can be used for both new and existing buildings.

Computer models from ACADS-BSG can be used to simulate a current building as well as its related service systems. By trying out various alternatives in these computer models, detailed and more accurate predictions can be made on the performance and the life cycle cost of buildings.

ACADS-BSG was founded in 1980 under the sponsorship of the Australian Government Construction Authority (ACS). Then later, along with a non-profit association of computer users. ACADS-BSG became the distributor for a number of ACS and CSIRO building services programs. ACADS-BSG was also responsible in acquiring and adapting to Australian practice, a number of overseas programs including ESPII and HYENA, a North American computer program version.

Since then, ACADS-BSG has expanded into a private-owned company with a comprehensive range of software products servicing. Software product services from ACADS-BSG include air conditioning and building services in places like Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the USA.