Air conditioning with duct and piping design software from ACADS-BSG includes sizing, acoustical analysis and costing of ductwork systems. Other duct and piping design services include sizing and pressure drop calculations for duct runs, water piping system design for air-conditioning, pressure drop in pipes and ducts and heat loss from insulated pipes.

BEAVER is an energy and solar simulation package from ACADS-BSG. This package provides data processing and viewing of results. This program also estimates the energy consumption of buildings.

Fire protection programs from ACADS-BSG provide automatic fire sprinkler analysis and hydrant piping analysis with interfaces between AutoCad and HYENA, a North American version. This program also calculates air flow and pressure differences.

Computational fluid dynamics software from ACADS-BSG simulates fluid movement and heat transfer for a wide variety of applications using computational fluid dynamics.

Acoustics software from ACADS-BSG is a computer program that performs a series of octave and octave band acoustical calculations for sound transmission problems in buildings.

Other miscellaneous programs from ACADS-BSG include air-conditioning coil simulation program and cool room sizing and refrigeration calculations. These programs are interactive DOS programs that perform heat load analysis of cool rooms.