Software product servicing from ACADS-BSG includes technical support on all programs with advice on use, methods, data and applications of programs. These software product services also provide assistance with computer modeling for specific projects and also provide training in the use and application of programs in seminars and workshops. Software product servicing also provides tailored in-house workshops whenever required.

Other software product services from ACADS-BSG include on-going maintenance and enhancement of programs and updating of latest developments in air conditioning and computing industries.

Air conditioning load estimation services from ACADS-BSG include programs such as CAMEL, KAOLA, TEMPER, PMV and PSYCHRO.

CAMEL computer program is an air conditioning load estimation program that calculates the design heating and cooling loads for air conditioning plants in buildings. This computer program models a wide range of systems like constant volume heating and cooling and constant volume face and bypass. Other program models include VAV with and without reheat, reverse cycle heat pumps and evaporative coolers.

KOALA is another program from ACADS-BSG that estimates air conditioning load in small buildings. This computer program is made for designers and contractors where they can enter their own design conditions.

TEMPER is yet another computer program from ACADS-BSG that calculates the sensible and latent air conditioning heating and cooling loads for indoor air temperature and humidity.

PSYCHRO computer program is an ACADS-BSG program which computes thermodynamic properties of moist air at any atmospheric pressure.