Academy Remedial Building Repairs  offer building rectification services such as removal of spalled concrete, cleaning, treatment and replacement of rusted steel.

Academy Remedial Building Repairs uses reinforced concrete to treat concrete cancer affected buildings such as floor slabs, stairs, balconies, walls, columns, beams and pathways. Early treatment of spalling concrete reduces the extent of damage caused to the building. Academy Remedial Building Repairs offers efficient rectification solutions for such concrete related issues.

In addition to rectification solutions, Academy Remedial Building Repairs also carries out application of suitable repair materials and transformation of the area to the original concrete profile. These repairing and transformation is done by using cement mortar, epoxy mortar and concrete depending upon the size of repair and structural requirements.

Academy Remedial Building Repairs also handles cracks found in concrete. These cracks are repaired by using suitable epoxies, special mortars and injection techniques. Handrail removal and replacement is yet another service handled by Academy Remedial Building Repairs. This handrail removal and replacement service includes all types of balustrades.