Posters from AC Signs are high quality posters that are printed on various kinds of GSM paper. Prints on canvas enhance business decors. Snap frames from AC Signs are anodised aluminium clip lock poster frames which are available from AO size to A4 size. These snap frames are available in 32mm, 25mm and 15mm measurement and come with square or rounded corners. Wall prints from AC Signs give a photographic and artistically designed effect to walls and help in creating an original look.

AC Signs offers latest quality portable display systems. Portable display systems include banner flags, pop up banners, snap frames, tents and gazebos. These display systems are portable and therefore, easy to use.

AC Signs provides quality signage such as Bistro, RSA and printing solutions to the hotel industry.

Bistro signage range includes entry signs, menu boards and promotional posters. RSA signs are created on one- board material to match the hotel's décor. List of other quality signs includes A frames, awnings, banners, digital printing, lightboxes, ligthbox inserts, posters, neons, 3D lettering and street barriers.