AC Acrylic Plastics Holdings , established four decades ago, supplies mouldings, acrylic fabrications, polycarbonates and other thermoplastic sheets. In addition to supplying these products to the buildings, signs, telecommunications, display and medical industries, AC Acrylic Plastics Holdings also manufactures its own range of skylight acrylic roof tiles such as tilelite and tilevent roof tiles.

AC Acrylic Plastics Holdings supplies skylights for natural light and ventilation to homes, offices and factories. High quality acrylics are used in these skylights which gives long term resistance to weathering and ageing.

AC Acrylic Plastics Holdings also supplies ventilation skylights and exhaust fans skylights for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries where both natural air circulation and light are needed.

AC Acrylic Plastics Holdings supplies parts and finished products to medical industries such as infant incubators, display stands laser cut flat and folded components.

AC Acrylic Plastics Holdings also mould sheets of up to 2500mm x 1800mm with pattern-making facilities to produce low cost timber tooling. Standard tooling is also available for cylinders along with a wide range of hemispheres of up to 1700mm diameter.