Abuzz Technologies  supplies several high technology products such as Personnel Directory, Wayfinder, Clubshop and Ticketing system.

Personnel Directory from Abuzz Technologies is a self-service personnel contact system that allows visitors to search and contact the required personnel through a simple touchscreen interface and a telephone handset.

Wayfinder from Abuzz Technologies is a communication tool that provides users with interactive directions to specific locations. This software utilises a sophisticated mapping that helps in providing multiple routes to required locations.
Features of Personnel Directory and Wayfinder include up-to-date contact information and easy setup turnkey solutions customised with company's corporate identity. Additional features of Personal Directory and Wayfinder include making changes and administering kiosks remotely with internet connection.

Clubshop from Abuzz Technologies is a virtual showcase allowing club members to purchase from a range of over 2000 products. This showcase also provides gift ideas using loyalty points. The Clubshop can connect to any electronic loyalty system and is compatible with existing membership cards. This solution also records activities and statistics for members and provides security by using password protection features.
Ticketing system from Abuzz Technologies allows customers to perform real-time purchasing and pickup of event tickets using one of the kiosk products. This system helps in increasing distribution points for tickets with instant access to tickets. The Ticketing system also advertises upcoming shows and events.