Absolute Balustrading introduces a cost-effective and low maintenance alternative to timber balustrades with the new Hampton style balustrades in aluminium.

Constantly innovating to provide their clients with high quality balustrade solutions, Absolute Balustrading has designed the new aluminium balustrades to replace maintenance-heavy timber balustrades.

The Hampton style balustrades, highly popular in WA, feature a timeless architectural design, and have been influencing housing trends for over 50 years with their understated elegance and relaxed decor. Given that timber is more susceptible to the elements than any other material, timber balustrades require a lot of maintenance, especially in the harsh Australian climate, and particularly in coastal areas, where the combination of salt and rain can have a more damaging effect. Timber can rot, warp, weather and crack, and needs to be regularly painted or varnished.

Absolute Balustrading’s aluminium alternative to the traditional Hampton timber balustrades was developed following extensive in-house R&D and quality testing. The new durable powder coated aluminium balustrade matches the highly sought after Hampton style and meets stringent Australian Standards and BCA codes.

Key advantages of the Hampton style aluminium balustrades also include minimal maintenance requirement; high durability to suit all weather conditions; and more cost savings over the timber alternative.

The aluminium balustrades are available in two design options, The Hampton and The Long Island, with The Hampton featuring thicker posts.