Above Left introduces the latest anthology from renowned custom carpet manufacturer 1956 by Tai Ping, created in a new collaboration with acclaimed British street artist Paul ‘Moose’ Curtis.

Revive, a new commercial carpet collection from 1956 by Tai Ping and graffiti artist Moose, is specifically designed for the hospitality industry. The Revive collection consists of a stunning range of design motifs, drawing inspiration from Moose’s innovative method of ‘reverse graffiti’, which involves meticulously cleaning and removing layers of dirt and other natural discolorations from existing surfaces to create images in striking relief.

However, instead of the subtractive approach employed by Moose, the Revive carpet collection embellishes via a three-level design process that features complementary foundations and layers created by 1956 by Tai Ping in the style of Moose’s work. These two layers are then highlighted by one of several overlay finishes designed by the artist himself.

These three distinctly combinative layers are marked by a sophisticated colour palette that is refined for a global scale, enabling design variations suitable for any region. Revive’s three-layer approach enables designers in the hospitality industry to customise the carpets to suit their design aesthetics, even as the motifs retain an unmistakable consistency bearing the singular vision of the ground-breaking artist.

The collaboration between 1956 by Tai Ping and Moose has created a collection that blends traditional floral carpet motifs with cutting-edge designs, to present a bold and breathtaking fusion be­tween the classical and the contemporary, as well as the organic and the industrial.