Carpets Inter EcoSoft carpet tiles were selected by Moda Design during the refurbishment of the Red Cross office in Carlton, Victoria.

A key objective of the refurbishment project was to improve the acoustical conditions in the large open plan environment of the office. The refurbishment was being taken up 17 years after the official opening of the Carlton office.

Moda Design selected Carpets Inter EcoSoft carpet tiles from the House of Tai Ping for their superior acoustic benefits including twice the sound absorption of traditional hardback carpet tiles. The field tile was Zipline Alloy with statement triangle features in Color Tone Crescendo and Color Duet Assez.

Coveney Interlay installed the cleverly designed layout creating breakout zones. The refurbished space will minimise reverberation, absorb sound and improve workplace comfort and performance.

By installing EcoSoft carpet tiles, the Red Cross office will not require additional acoustic wall treatments, saving money and achieving quieter spaces. Made from discarded PET water bottles, EcoSoft carpet tiles are PVC-free, soft underfoot and thermally efficient, and score maximum points on the Mat 2 calculator.

Above Left is the Australian distributor for the House of Tai Ping.