The Product Stewardship solution from Above Left aims to reduce the environmental impact of modular carpet tiles in the post-customer phase.

A key objective of Above Left’s rEcover program is to extend the product life of modular carpet tiles post-customer through reuse, helping achieve second-life functionality. Working with their Product Stewardship delivery partner, Egans Asset Management, Above Left offers customers benefits such as immediate landfill diversion and maximum resource recovery and reutilisation.

Above Left’s rEcover program comprises of RECOVER, wherein the company takes back their products at the end of their first life; and RECOVER NOW, wherein the customer specifies Carpets Inter carpet tiles for their refurbishment and the company takes back the uplifted uncontaminated carpet tiles regardless of manufacturer.

This offer goes above and beyond the ECS4 and industry requirements, and is provided at no additional cost to the client.

Above Left’s partner, Egans will process the used carpet tiles through their stewardship program of Reuse – Resell – Recycle.

It is imperative for the flooring industry to minimise the environmental impact of their products from cradle to grave, especially when the churn rate and consumption of floor coverings continue to rise.

Committed to product lifecycle management, and the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility and Product Stewardship, Above Left is focussed on finding practical solutions that are market-ready and meet Green Star requirements.

Above Left’s rEcover solution is specifically designed to comply with the Environmental Certification Scheme Level 4, as administered by the Carpet Institute of Australia. Level 4 products receive maximum points in Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star materials calculator.