XimulA.com wall unit from About Space uses aluminium posts in its structural base. These aluminum posts can be arranged in a number of configurations. They can be attached to walls, stretched between wall and floor, or in a floor to ceiling configuration. The aluminum posts can also be a foundation for a free-standing unit on castors and legs.

XimulA.com shelves from About Space are available in a number of depths and widths for various formats of books and variable storage needs. The shelves are trimmed with natural-anodized aluminium profiles in order to provide premium durability and enhanced load-bearing capacity.

Drawers from About Space are specially designed in various sizes in order to fit in as required and use maximize space. XimulA.com desks and keyboard sliders from About Space are available in a wide range of sizes and colours. Desks and keyboards can also be incorporated in the workstation systems to fit into and optimise even the most complex space requirements.

XimulA.com is recognised as a good product for domestic applications and also as a diversified solution in commercial markets. Due to features of this flexible system such as modular design, durability, good quality and aesthetic look, XimulA.com products from About Space is used in libraries, bookshops, news agencies, universities, pharmacies and retail outlets.