Standard products from Abloy Security includes mortice locks, padlocks, ABLOY PROTEC, Abloy Disklock pro, electromechanical locks, rim locks and industrial locks.

The mortice locks are durable locks that can function even in the toughest of environments like absolute seafront residences. The padlock range includes chrome-platedbrass and case-hardened steel bodies with shackles that are made of chrome-plated hardened boron steel. These padlocks are also pick-proof and corrosion-resistant and are available in a wide range of master keying options. These padlocks also come with plastic covers and locking plates for additional protection.

Abloy Security also has a wide range of restricted door cylinders to suit all types of locks. Another new addition to Abloy Security's rotating disc cylinders are ABLOY PROTEC locks. These locks offer security along with master-keying capabilities. ABLOY PROTEC from Abloy Security features long lasting legal and physical protection against key duplication. These locks are made of full metal along with colour coded key features.

The Abloy Disklock pro from Abloy Security is also a rotating detainer disc cylinder which provides superior master-keying possibilities with a vast number of combinations. This security cylinder also gives optimum resistance against physical attack and picking. Security cylinders provided include Australian and UK oval cylinders, Europrofile din cylinders, Ansi standard cylinders, Scandinavian cylinders, Finnish cylinders and Tubular deadbolts.