Industrial locks from Abloy Security include furniture locks, gaming locks, coin locks, key deposit locks, safe deposit locks and electromechanical industrial locks.

The furniture locks from Abloy Security are available in a wide range of restricted key profiles. These furniture locks can be keyed to match door locks and master key systems. The Abloy Wedgelock is a new product added to the range of Abloy Security's locking solutions.

Safe deposit locks from Abloy Security can be opened either mechanically or can be controlled by an electric release. Abloy Security also offers cam locks with reliable key strength features. Other high security locks from Abloy Security include electromechanical industrial locks. Features of these electromechanical industrial locks include additional protection with an electrical locking unit which makes the operation extremely reliable.
Door automatics from Abloy Security are equipped with a clear, step by step adjustment panel which allows flexible settings for selection and adjustment with soundless operation.

Rim locks and deadbolts from Abloy Security feature automatic bolt deadlocks with key operated rim deadlocks. Other high security locks from Abloy Security include key deposit locks, coin deposit locks, token locks and card locks.

ABLOY key manager from Abloy Security is yet another software which allows full control key issues and returns.