Able Plastics  is a supplier of plastic goods to industries such as food processing and healthcare, where hygiene is a basic requirement. The products supplied are gloves, aprons, bags, shoe covers, pillow covers and protective clothing.

Some of these products are manufactured using the latest generation of breathable and waterproof fabric, namely ableshield. Able Plastics offers to customise these products, by screen-printing customer's logo on these items.

Able Plastics' matress and pillow covering is made of quality waterproof material which is breathable in nature. Matress covers are of various kinds such as macintosh sheets, flame retardant sheets, zippered sheets and elasticised covers. Pillow covers from Able Plastics are found in the zippered or tuck-in formats. These are waterproof and soft.

Protective clothing such as coveralls, gowns, jackets, headware and visitors coats are supplied by Able Plastics. Seam splitting and tearing is reduced in Able Plastics coveralls as there is a special leg design attached to it. All these products assure hygiene and safety and therefore the major buyers of these products are hospitals, research centres, clinics and food processing units in and around Australia.

All Able Plastics products have the ISO9001 accredition that ensure safety and quality of products supplied.