Able Plastics  is a supplier of quality plastic products to the food processing and health care industries. The major products that Able Plastics supplies include bags, gloves, aprons, shoe covers, pillow covers and protective clothing.

Able Plastics provides food processing units with bags and sheeting in order to maintain hygienic conditions in such areas. Hospitals, clinics and research centres are some of Able Plastics' major customers. The types of bags supplied by Able Plastics are autoclave bags, blender bags, drum liners, locker bags, piping bags, singlet bags, freezer bags, specimen bags, poly bags, garbage bags and many more. Able Plastics supplies garbage bags, waste bags and storage bags in residential areas for everyday use.

Gloves from Able Plastics are supplied to health care centres and hospitals. The different types of gloves are latex lightly powdered, latex no powder, vinyl lightly powdered, vinyl no powder, vinyl blue powder, nitrile lightly powdered, nitrile no powder and many more. These gloves are manufactured in facilities with ISO9001 accredition and are approved by the TGA. A few models of this range of gloves have also been given US and Europe FDA and CE approval.