Able Plastics  is a supplier of plastic goods to industries such as food processing and health care. All Able Plastics' products are manufactured to Australian standards of safety and design. Some of its major products are bags, gloves, aprons, shoe covers, pillow covers and protective clothing.

Aprons from Able Plastics have been popular in healthcare centres and hospitals for years now. The types of aprons that are available are either white or clear. Variety of sizes such as neck to knee and neck to ankle can be purchased from Able Plastics. The LDPE white and clear aprons are rustle free, thus creating no disturbance when the wearer moves around. Able Plastics is a significant supplier of aprons in all Victorian public hospitals.

Food manufacturing and healthcare are industries where hygiene is of utmost importance. Able Plastics provides employees of these industries with shoe covers for the purpose of maintaining hygiene. CPE shoe covers from Able Plastics are 20% thicker than traditional shoe covers. PP shoe covers from Able Plastics are anti-slip and anti-static in nature. Able Plastics can supply oversize shoe covers too, for customers with large feet.