Andreas Sederof is a living example of how a person’s vision, perseverance and genuine care about the environment, can be successfully applied towards the creation of environmentally sustainable building design.

Sunpower Design are continually working to meet the ever growing demand for dwellings that leave a minimum environmental ‘imprint’ on the world.

What are the benefits in offering clients environmentally sustainable buildings?

Andreas Sederof has understood that clients appreciate the possibility of having a choice and a say about the production of a home or a building that will not impact heavily on the environment.

This translates into a variety of features offered by Sunpower Design, not currently factored into the design of most buildings, which clients are now demanding including: creative solutions to maximise natural features, aspects and orientation of the property; to significantly reduce energy consumption; the optimisation of water use and recycling, enhancing the building’s cooling capacity during increasing heat conditions and general overall durability, high sustainability features and low ongoing maintenance aspects.

This approach results in a positive situation where client, designer and builder work as a team for a highly satisfying outcome, not only the client but also for the environment.

What is the current standard?
All Sunpower designed dwellings exceed the minimum requirements for a Five Star rating on FirstRate 4 (which is the Government’s current standard thermodynamic model house energy rating software all designers must adhere to).The FirstRate 5 programme will be mandatory by May 1st 2009.

All of Sunpower Design’s new homes currently achieve a Seven to Eight star Rating. This high standard of environmental efficiency achieved by the company is a direct result of many years of specialised experience and accrued knowledge.

Why Ability products?

As Sunpower Design’s main objective behind all of their projects is to achieve a high level of sustainability, balanced with appealing aesthetics, the company utilises products that reflect these requirements including: high durability, low VOCs and any other features that withstand extremes in weather and are necessary to contribute to the buildings’ high energy rating.

Sunpower Design have utilised both Ability Building Colours’ the Paint mineral coating and abilox powder colouring pigments for a variety of applications in many projects over the years.

How and why is Ability's the Paint used?

The Paint one of Ability Building Colours’ Geo Paints range is used specifically for outdoor and exterior applications due to its durability, UV resistance, waterproofing qualities, extremely low VOCs, its resistance to salt attack and can be colour matched to suit virtually any colour.

Sunpower Design have contributed to the development of the Paint through valuable feedback to Ability Building Colours assisting to make the Paint an ideal product suitable for projects that require extreme durability as well as an adherence to ESD principles.

How and why is Ability's abilox used?

The abilox mineral oxide colouring pigments are utilised in Sunpower Design projects mainly for rendering applications. As abilox is practically permanent, this makes it an extremely low maintenance product that is a part of the life cycle of the materials utilised in the construction of the building.

Andreas Sederof particularly likes the organic feel and texture of both abilox and the Paint feeling that they have a ‘mediterranean modelling’ quality about them.