Ability Building Chemicals has developed a surface coating for exterior building surfaces that delivers toughness and flexibility with a natural-looking, attractive flat matte finish.

X55 HI-SEAL is being used in projects around the country, including the new DSTO government facility in Melbourne, where the product was applied to the facility’s precast concrete panel sections to provide the matte white finish required by the architects.

“Even though we’ve used a number of Ability’s products in the past, this is the first time that we’ve used the X55 HI-SEAL coating, and I’m pleased to say, we’re extremely happy with the results. It went on well, it’s easy-to-use, and perhaps most importantly, it has provided us with the high quality, consistent finish that we were looking for” Daniel Cajkusic, managing director of contract painters, renderers and applicators Intex, said.

“When it comes to large projects such as these, we need to be sure that the products that we use will deliver a consistent result across the entire area – not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of protection of the substrate. X55 HI-SEAL has certainly ‘delivered the goods’ on both fronts. The finished project not only looks excellent, thanks to X55 HI-SEAL’s unique performance characteristics, we can be sure that it will continue to look good for many years to come” Cajkusic said.