Convic Design have discussed one of their new projects developed in conjunction with the City of Greater Geelong: The Geelong Youth Activities Area (GYAA) and their specifying of Ability Building Colours’ abilox colouring pigments.

Convic Design, award winning landscape architectural firm, design and construct multipurpose public spaces for teenagers and for the broader community, nationally and internationally. Convic Design have designed and constructed over 300 skate and BMX parks including Singapore’s national facility and the world’s largest skatepark in Shanghai, China.

Philosophy behind Convic Design projects:
Convic Design believe in creating individual multipurpose skatepark environments, which have incorporated within them provision for other activities, as their use unfolds. These carefully designed environments result in a multifunctional space, which cater for a variety of activities including: performances, local events, as well as for recreational use and skateboard activities.

Geelong Youth Activities Area (GYAA) project:
In conjunction with their client, the City of Greater Geelong, Convic Design worked together to create an inner city, intergenerational public plaza. This was designed to also be skateable.

After many years of combined effort, with a particular focus on local youth needs, an interactive environment has been created, situated right on Geelong’s Waterfront. It includes social spaces, viewing areas, informal ball sports areas and sculptural steel frames for event infrastructure, lighting, art display and multi media projection.

Ability Building Colours’ abilox colouring pigments:
Ability Building Colours’ abilox colouring pigments are now utilised in the new Geelong Youth Activities Area, featured as coloured banding that starts from the ground up, extending through to visually link with the three sculptural structures that define the Youth Activities Area. Convic Design have specified Ability Building Chemicals’ abilox for a variety of past projects over the years due to its brilliant colour range and colour matching capabilities as well as for its durability.

Convic Design was quick to point out that Ability Building Colours have always offered good technical service and that they appreciated a product that could withstand the test of time, wear and tear and outdoor weathering that their multipurpose skateparks were continually subjected to.