Ability Building Colours Co presents the Abil-Strength ‘superpolymer’ admixture that improves the performance characteristics in concrete, shotcrete and mortar in both plastic and hardened states.

The Abil-Strength is a non set-retarding high performance admixture that provides improvements in flexural strength, tensile strength and compressive strength. It also delivers significant increases in adhesion, bond strength, high performance flexible concrete.

The ‘superpolymer’ feature within the Abil-Strength is easily dispersed throughout the admixture to help provide an increase in mix consistency and liquidity, which eliminates the need for additional mixing of water.

Features of the Abil-Strength admixture:

  • Increase in durability, impact resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Increase in flexural and tensile strengths
  • Non-retarding formulation delivers normal set times
  • Reduce rebound during shotcrete application
  • Improves colour development of cement pigments
  • Improves flowability, pumpability and extrudability without the need for additional mix water

The Abil-Strength admixtures can be used for suspended slabs, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete components, precast components, cement wall rendering mortars and masonry mortars, shotcrete for underground and above-ground and many more concrete applications.

The Abil-Strength admixtures, from Ability Building Colours Co, are packed in bio-degradable concrete friendly paper sacks for easier and cleaner handling.