Specialist concrete manufacturers, Fabcon Precast P/L used Abilox colouring pigments from Ability Building Colours Co in their production of precast panels for Melbourne’s architectural icon building, Eureka Tower.  

Based in Springvale Victoria, Fabcon supplies high quality concrete products to many of Australia’s prominent construction projects.  

Fabcon manufactures precast concrete that is uniform and consistent in structure as well as accurate in specified colour.  

One of their more prominent projects completed in late 2006, is the world’s second tallest residential building, the iconic skyscraper Eureka Tower situated in Southbank, Melbourne.  

Eureka Tower’s building design is inspired by the Eureka Stockade rebellion of 1854, considered by many as the controversial beginnings of democracy in Australia.  

The overall design reflects the historic event through architectural elements such as the building’s crown in gold with a vertical stripe of red representing the gold rush and the bloodshed at the battle.  

The horizontal lines represent the markings of a ruler while the blue façade with white lines along the building represent the blue and white flag of the stockade.  

Abilox colour pigments were utilised for the project along the horizontal rich blue/grey balcony strips as well as sections at the base and centre of the tower.  

Properties such as high UV resistance and ‘through’ colouring in Abilox concrete pigments were the deciding factors for Fabcon in identifying the brand as the most suitable for the project.  

Fabcon has utilised Abilox on various other prominent projects in Victoria.  

Abilox’ coloured sections have admirably withstood the test of time, maintaining the specified colouration requirements and resistance to fading throughout all weather conditions on all projects.