Australian owned and operated, Ability Building Colours has become renowned over the years for combining environmentally friendly products with durability. 

Ability Building Colours strive to produce and develop innovative products that perform, last, and are unmatched in the industry.

Furthermore, the company are committed to the development of products and practices that follow the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD).

These aims and principles are reflected in Ability Building Colours' entire surface coatings product range, the result being durability of all products, in particular the high performance, long life mineral surface coatings product range known as duro paint.

The new generation duro paint range has been developed with a focus on reducing the energy required to achieve the desired decorative surface finish, in terms of both the effort required for application, and also for clean air.

The virtually VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free nature of duro paint, as well as it's protective properties against corrosion and erosive degradation, offer longevity, substantially reducing the need for maintenance recoating and redecorating.

As the duro paint range of surface coatings contain no solvents, they are easy to apply, and have no odour. The products offer high durability combined with extreme weather and traffic wear resistance, are watertight and flame resistant, and safe to use.

The duro paint surface coatings are supplied in three different finishes including Stipple, Matte and Low Sheen.

Duro paint has been utilised for award winning 6 and 7 star rated buildings in Australia, resisting well under harsh Australian climate conditions, and consequently, Ability Building Colours stands by it’s product with a unique 20 year guarantee (conditions apply) on all three finishes.
The duro paint surface coatings are also in demand in heritage restoration work, one of the most recent project applications of duro paint being Melbourne’s heritage listed, Royal Society Building.

Architect specified duro paint was selected for the external refurbishment of the building by the committee members due to it being highly suitable for historic masonry surfaces. In addition, the Stipple finish of duro paint reflected the textured look of the original limewash buildings of the era.

The durability of duro paint conveyed in it's 20 year guarantee was particularly important as it would serve to assist in the continual preservation of the historic building with low maintenance maintenance required for years to come. The fact that duro paint is UV resistant and fade resistant was also a draw card for the committee.

To assist clients, Ability Building Colours is now offering a listing of preferred applicators online for a more effective and efficient application of these surface coatings. Ability Building Colours also continue to offer helpful and proactive customer service.